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Coachability Consultants

Jill Chiappe

Jill Chiappe


Jill founded Coachability in 2000.

Jill’s specialty is 360-degree reviews for executives. She also trains small executive teams to be high-performing teams. She loves to train teams on key topics such as handling conflicts, increasing production and streamlining teamwork. Jill’s seminars are often the highest-rated in her client companies. Jill’s most recent project includes a 12-part course for executives on Influencing Skills.

Jill’s passion for executive coaching came out of a combination of her business training and her interest in people. Her educational background at Oxford University, Marshall University, Vanderbilt University and the University of Tennessee revolved around business and people with degrees in economics and Spanish and a master’s degree in clinical social work. Jill’s desire for continuous improvement led her to commit herself in 2006 to a minimum of 200 hours of continuing education every year and she has never missed this target since. Her continuing education includes courses on executive efficiency, leadership development, 360 methods, CEO competencies, time management, organizational development and a host of other topics.

Jill is passionately committed to supporting charities and non-profits, and has not only provided pro bono coaching and mentorship to many charity organizations, but she has also been a keynote speaker for multiple non-profit events. Jill made a commitment to give at least 15% of Coachability’s profits to charity every year and she has often exceeded that target by many percentage points, including a banner year in 2008 when 47% of profits went to charity. Jill believes in making a difference in the world and supports those who work hard every day to make it happen.


Jill was trained under the mentorship of executive coach Kate Ludeman, PhD. Kate is famous for her work with Michael Dell and other noteworthy executives. Jill assisted Kate with research on her book entitled “Alpha Male Syndrome”. “Alpha Male Syndrome” became a popular HBR article series as well.

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